Introducing the Student Kaplan Account

Our new centralised account for students will help them — and you — better manage their applications, accommodation and studies with Kaplan Pathways.

What is the student account?

We're here to help

If you have any further questions regarding the new student account, please contact your market manager and they will be happy to help you.

Students due to study at a UK institution, in person or online, can now log in to a centralised online portal. Through a single login, your students will be able to access the Online Payment Portal, their Kaplan Living account and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that they will be using during their studies.

How do students sign up for the Student Kaplan Account?

Students can sign up for their account at the following URL:

They will need to enter all of the credentials required on the 'Sign up' screen — their P number (which can be found on their offer letter), their date of birth and their email address. They will need to create a password.

What email address should the student use to sign up?

Students can use any email they want to register for their account. They can also update their email address at any time after they have registered and signed in to their account. Kaplan will send all direct communications to the email address the student used to create their account.

Why is my student unable to sign in?

The student can only sign in to the portal once they have completed the 'sign up' process and clicked on the link to verify their email address. After this they will be automatically redirected to the 'Sign in' page of the portal. The student will need their email address (username) and password to log in. They will also need to complete multi-factor authentication each time they sign in.

The student is not receiving the verification email. What should they do?

The student should try the following steps. If nothing works, they can contact us for help.

1. Check the email address was entered correctly.

2. Check their 'junk' or 'spam' inbox.

3. Click to resend the verification email.

4. If the email has still not arrived, the student can try to use a different email address - this can be changed on the 'Email verification sent' page.

The student does not remember their password. What can they do?

Students who can't remember their password can go to the 'Sign in' page to click the 'forgot password' link and follow the process to change their password.

The student does not remember their email address (username) to sign in. What can they do?

Students who don't know the email address they used to register should speak to their Kaplan representative in Admissions, or their College Administrator, who can check if they do have an account, and if so which email address was used to register.

What happens if the student can't access the Online Payment Portal (OPP)?

The student should be able to access to the OPP by clicking on the tile on the account landing page. This will take them directly through to the Online Payment Portal. If the student has registered and signed in, there is no reason why the OPP link should not work. If they do get an error message or the link is not working, please contact your Kaplan representative.

What happens if the student can't access the Kaplan Living portal to book accommodation?

Students need to accept their offer first to be able to access the accommodation portal. If they have accepted the offer but haven't received the invitation to book, or still can't access the accommodation portal, please contact:

What happens if a student can't access the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

Students need to accept their offer first to be able to access the VLE and have access to Pathways Preview and their future study programme. Please note students on University on Birmingham foundation pathways, University of Bristol International Foundation Programmes and at the University of York International Patwhay College have different online learning platforms, so their students will not be able to see the VLE tile in the Student Kaplan Account​.

What details can a student update in the 'Manage Account' section?

A student can update their email address (username) and password in the 'Manage account' section. They cannot update any other information, such as their name or date of birth; to do this, you or your student should contact their Kaplan representative.

What does this mean for you?

Streamlined process

Having everything in one place greatly streamlines the processes students need to go through. Through a single login, your students will have access to the places they need to pay, book accommodation and study. By enhancing our service to your students, you won't need to spend as much time on administration and processing. 

Easier advising

Because everything has been made simpler by having a central account, it will be easier for you to explain to your students what they need to do, and how the process works. It should be easier to help your students when they have problems  and of course we'll be here to support you and your students whenever you need it.

How does it work?

Common questions

Students will access their account through a single URL shared on their offer letter and ensuing emails. They will register with their P Number, date of birth and email, and will need to create a password. Once they have completed their registration, they will be able to log into their account any time to access the Online Payment Portal, accommodation portal and VLE.

The video below will show you how your students will register for their Student Kaplan Account.

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